How to Download and Install Auto Clicker

The Auto Clicker provides multiple features so that it can be handy when playing Games of Today and even Games of Tomorrow which might require little bit more than Repetitive Mouse Clicking at Current Mouse Cursor Location or at Fixed Screen Location. This post provides a detailed step by step procedure in which you can learn how to Download and Install Auto Clicker on your Windows Computer.

Download Auto Clicker's Latest Version

Download Auto Clicker on your Windows Computer

The above Screenshot displays Setup of Auto Clicker stored on a Windows Computer and also displays Properties of Auto Clicker. The given below steps outline how you can download and install latest version of Auto Clicker on your Windows Computer and try it for free.

First Screen of Installation Wizard of Auto Clicker Setup

Installation Wizard of Auto Clicker

  1. Download the Setup of Auto Clicker and save it to either Downloads or any other appropriate Folder. The File Size of Auto Clicker’s Setup is less than 1 MB and should not take too long to download.
  2. Optionally view and verify Setup File Properties as displayed in the screenshot above. Note that the Setup of Auto Clicker has been digitally signed to ensure the setup file is not damaged during download due to slow internet connection or other file download errors.
  3. Review the File Version of the Auto Clicker Setup to ensure that you have received the latest version of Auto Clicker. As of this post writing, the latest version of Auto Clicker is Version 3.1 and has all the features as outlined in this post.
  4. Now Double Click on the Setup File to Start the Installation Procedure. User Account Control Prompt will appear asking your permission to allow the Software Installation. To continue installation of Auto Clicker, allow the Setup of Auto Clicker from User Account Control and proceed to next step.
  5. Now an Installation Wizard of Auto Clicker will be presented to you and you do need to accept the End User Licence Agreement to continue the installation.
  6. After EULA Acceptance, you will be prompted to select Installation Location or you can click on Next to accept default location and install the Auto Clicker in the default folder path.
  7. Now you will be prompted to select the Programs Shortcut Folder Name followed by option to create Desktop Shortcut and Quick Launch Icon. Depending on your preference, either accept default settings or modify any installation configuration and continue the Auto Clicker Installation Setup.
  8. Once you have provided necessary input to the Auto Clicker Installation Wizard, it will continue and after confirmation will complete the Auto Clicker Installation. Yes any time during the Software Installation, you can press the Back button and modify your Software Installation configuration.
  9. Once Setup of Auto Clicker finishes, it will open a Tutorials Page with which you can get started using the Auto Clicker. In case your accepted default configuration of Setup, you will have two Desktop Shortcuts titled Auto Clicker and Auto Clicker for Games. The latter Desktop Shortcut launched Auto Clicker with Admin Rights so that you can Auto Click in Desktop Games and other Applications which run with Admin privileges.

As the Auto Clicker needs to Automate Mouse Clicking, Downloading of Auto Clicker is required and cannot be run without download. Yes Auto Clicker does not necessarily requires Installation, however a simple installation ensures appropriate helper files are placed at appropriate folder location and all files together provide all the functionality required to Auto Click in Games or other Windows Applications.

Game Clicker Installation Helper on Windows 10

Game Clicker Installation Helper on Windows 10

When you want to to Auto Click in Multiplayer Games with a Mouse Shortcut, you would need to download and install Game Clicker with the help of Game Clicker Installation Helper. As this is a manual process and is different from Downloading and Installation of Standard Auto Clicker, this has been mentioned specifically in this post.